Taylor Swift: Whiskey Sours in the Hamptons

What is this? 1975? Taylor Swift was spotted in the Hamptons recently, drinking her very first whiskey sour. In the middle of the day.

It’s like she traveled back in time to a time when that was perfectly acceptable. Actually, though, Swift was hanging out with Ina Garten , host of the Barefoot Contessa cooking show, for the Food Network Magazine’s new music issue which will be on newsstands June 24.

Swift’s mom Andrea and her brother Austin came with her to Garten’s home on Long Island, N.Y. And besides the whiskey sours, they also made mustard-roasted fish and had whipped cream on their Pavlova meringue dessert while they were in Garten’s kitchen.

Then they both complained about cooking for people who are on diets. (It’s a very legit concern if you’ve ever done the same.) Then they all drank their whiskey sours and promised to get together again sometime.

And while I do love a good glass of whiskey, no matter how it’s garnished, Garten has some other drinks I think Swift should try next time they hang out.

I’m obsessed with her watermelon mojitos (it takes forever to puree the watermelon, but is so worth the effort), rossinis (which are like bellinis but with strawberries instead of peaches), pink grapefruit margaritas and my very favorite, sidecars with dried cherries. Garten says this one is a “second cousin to my favorite drink — the whiskey sour.”