15 Things I Didn’t Know About Luke Bryan

When country stars get to a certain level, like the Luke Bryan level, there’s really no news.

There’s nothing left in their life story that you don’t already know. But then, you pick up the new country special issue of People and make some discoveries that have you thinking you didn’t know Bryan all that well, after all.

Such as:

1. His first kiss was at the movie Big during the summer between sixth and seventh grade.

2. Beer is his vice. “Because you drink too much and it shows on your body,” he admits.

3. But he does loves a “vodka grapefruit” after his shows.

4. His pet peeve is when people show up late.

5. He thinks a high-end watch tells people “you mean business” even when you’re dressed way down.

6. He is self-conscious about his graying beard.

7. Movie theater popcorn is his guilty pleasure.

8. He finds the “girl-next-door thing” very sexy in a woman.

9. Polo and Stetson were his first colognes.

10. Starbucks Blonde Roast with hazelnut creamer is his go-to drink in the morning.

11. He and his son Bo, 6, dance to “Gangnam Style” in the bathroom.

12. Talking on his cell phone during dinner is his worst habit.

13. He is just handy enough. He can build stone walls out of paver bricks, pressure wash his driveway and fix a kitchen sink disposal.

14. Around his house, he wears an old robe from the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

15. He bought a used Maserati but already sold it. It wasn’t a good fit with the gravel roads around his farm.