Carrie Underwood: First Photo From Haitian Mission Trip

Carrie Underwood hasn’t tweeted since Thursday (June 12). And now I know why.

She has apparently been in Haiti on a mission trip, God love her.

I know this not because she tweeted about it but because Rhae Lauren did . Lauren, a Nashville resident, tweeted on Tuesday that she and several others were getting ready to go to work.

“The girls of the trip getting ready to cross the D.R. (Dominican Republic)/Haiti boarder this morning. Excited for our first day. So proud of everyone and how much we were able to accomplish! @danitaschildren#haiti#dentalmissiontrip,” she wrote.

Danita’s Children is a nonprofit organization that rescues, loves and cares for orphaned and impoverished children. Founded by Danita Estrella Watts in January 1999, the organization began with a small house and fourteen children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. The organization currently cares for more than 100 orphans, provides a school for more than 300 children and serves more than 18,000 meals each month. In addition to a church, Danita’s Children operates a medical center and hospital.

In the photo Lauren posted, Underwood is dressed way down with a backpack, aviator sunglasses and a ponytail. Among the other women included in the photo is Underwood’s close friend Ivey Childers, the owner of IveyCake, a bakery in Brentwood, Tenn.