Brett Eldredge’s Latest No. 1 Means He Has to Swim With Sharks

Singer Will Make Good on a Bet That "Beat of the Music" Would Top the Charts

Brett Eldredge is celebrating to the beat of a No. 1 single this week after scoring the second chart-topper of his career with the summer jam, “Beat of the Music.”

Set on the island of Staniel Cay in the Bahamas, Eldredge’s music video for the track brought a personal memory back to life.

“I was there a couple of years ago, and we were going to the island of the swimming pigs on this little, tiny dingy boat,” Eldredge told CMT Hot 20 Countdown . “My brother and I were riding along, and we see this really pretty girl. And we say, ’We gotta go check this girl out before we go feed the pigs.’

“Forget feeding pigs. I don’t care about that. So we drive toward that girl … and we’re like, ’Good gosh! And we get closer and closer, and these two scary guys just pop out from this big, giant yacht, and we’re like, ’Oh, no!’ And so we go feed the pigs, and I’m like ’Shoot, I wish I could have met that girl.’

“If I was ever to meet that girl, this would be that story,” he concluded. “So that’s where I wrote ’Beat of the Music.'”

From swimming pigs to swimming with sharks, Eldredge may soon be embarking on another kind of adventure. He famously made a bet that if his last single “Don’t Ya” went No. 1, he would go skydiving. It did, and he did. Now there’s a follow-up bet for “Beat of the Music.”

“I was asked what I would do if we get a No. 1 with ’Beat of the Music,’ and I was scared to make any more bets,” he admitted. “I’m not even that much of a daredevil. But apparently, I am, so I said I would go shark diving. But I said it would have to be in a cage.”

Looks like Eldredge better get fitted for a wet suit.

For now, the singer will stick to dry land, taking his music to festivals and fairs through September.

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