Charles Kelley Admits to Man Crush

Just what every country trio needs: a supermodel and an Emmy-award winning actor.

Lady Antebellum has recruited — even if it was only for a short-term project — two new folks to join them on the set of their new video for “Bartender.”

The Supermodel: Kate Upton, most notable for her spot on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covers. Remember the Polar Bare? When she was on the cover in a white parka and white bikini bottom in 2013? Yes, she’s the one.

The Emmy-Award Winning Actor: Tony Hale, who portrayed Buster on Arrested Development and now plays Gary Walsh, the personal assistant to Selina Meyer on the HBO series Veep. Hale is also Charles Kelley’s man crush.

“I think we definitely captured the spirit of the song, but we also threw in some unexpected twists that the fans will love,” Kelley said in a press release. “Kate and Tony took what could have been just another music video to a really cool place. I mean, pretty much every guy in America is in love with Kate Upton. And if I’m being totally honest, Dave and I now both have a little man-crush on Tony, too. … He’s hilarious! Hands-down, my favorite video we’ve ever done.”

And Lady A’s Hillary Scott said what she loves most about this new tune is that it empowers you to stop moping around after a breakup.

“There are those times in your life when you need to feel sorry for yourself and be sad,” Scott told E! “But this song is all about hitting the dance floor with your girlfriends and just forgetting him.”

“Bartender” will be on Lady Antebellum’s next album, due out sometime in the fall.