Lucy Hale’s Pretty Little Nashville Lies

Lucy Hale’s debut album Road Between is finally here, so we can stop dwelling on her role as Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars and start focusing on her role as Lucy Hale, the country singer.

Then again, what fun would that be? Hale will always be Aria, in a way, and she even took the time to thank her Pretty Little Liars co-stars in her album’s liner notes.

“This show has changed my life, and each of you has a special place in my heart. Thanks for supporting me in different chapters and journeys in my life,” she wrote, adding as the mysterious stalker/blackmailer from the show, “I secretly listen to country music when I stalk all of you. — A.”

But the real-life Hale did open up to People magazine about what she considers to be the biggest lies about Nashville and common misconceptions about the world of country music.

1. The South’s not the only place for country lovers. “While I was born and raised in Memphis, I moved to L.A. when I was 13, and I have found lots of die-hard country fans in the city.”

2. Country is not just about losing trucks and dogs. “I was first drawn to country music for the way it tells a story. One of my favorite songs to sing live is ’Nervous Girls’ because it shares the insecurities I’ve experienced myself along with every other woman out there.”

3. Hats, boots and gingham are not the only style we’ve got. “Although I love my boots, country fashion has come a long way!”