Little Big Town Watches Twitter React to “Day Drinking”

Twitter can be kind of a bitch sometimes. I mean, it’s great if you want to get feedback from your fans about a song. But then again, do you want to listen to the haters hating?

That’s what happened to Little Big Town recently.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was in Nashville during the band’s rehearsals to premiere their new song “Day Drinking” on the CMT Music Awards , Jimi Westbrook told me he’d been reading tweets about the tune.

“I’ve been watching Twitter all morning to see how people are responding to the song. It’s incredibly exciting,” he told me. “We weren’t going to play ’Day Drinking’ in our shows, but then this weekend, we had a show in Virginia Beach — on the beach — and there was just a sea of day drinkers. So it was just impossible not to put it in the set.”

The Twitter response to that was all good, Westbrook said.

However, the band’s Karen Fairchild said she needs a thicker skin when she goes onto the social network.

“I posted a really cool picture of the four of us in the shadows,” Fairchild told me. “Then a fan said, ’That brunette shouldn’t turn that way. Her nose is horrible.’ I thought, ’Wow. Do they not know we’re human beings?'”

Her best advice for fellow artists and anyone else in the public eye?

“You can’t get lost in that kind of stuff,” she said.

Or you can, but maybe you just need to do a little day drinking first. Like their song says, “Don’t want to wait till the sun’s sinking/We could be feeling all right/I know you know what I’m thinking/Why don’t we do a little day drinking?”