Miranda Lambert’s .45s at 22

I knew Miranda Lambert had two Colt .45 pistols tattooed on the inside of her left forearm. But I didn’t know she got them when she was just 22 and without her parents’ blessing.

“It’s two Colt .45s and wings. I got it when I was 22, and it was the first thing I ever did without consulting my parents,” Lambert said in the new cover story in the July/August issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. “I didn’t ask them because I didn’t want their answer.”

But it’s not like Lambert was some kind of rebellious young girl out to show her parents who was boss. In fact, it sound like she inherited her strong will from her parents in the first place. Especially her mother.

“I would go up to the McDonald’s counter and order my own McNuggets,” Lambert told the magazine. “My mom would be like, ’If you’re not going to order them yourself, then you’re not getting any nuggets.’ She’d say, ’You need to face your fears. You can’t just run away from everything you might be uncomfortable with.’ She always wanted me to stand on my own two feet.”

And Lambert admits having the tattoos she has might not make her the very best role model and notes, “I cuss and I drink and I have tattoos”.

But she knows that when young girls are watching her, it’s being confident in her body image that matters most.

“When a girl comes up to me after a show and says, ’Thank you for being normal,’ that’s when I feel like I’ve done my job,” Lambert said.