Did Taylor Swift Honestly Lie to Us?

And I thought BuzzFeed was only good for the quizzes. (Like the one I took recently, “Which Dolly Parton song are you?” )

But I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this long list of lies Taylor Swift may have told us through her songs over her past eight years. (Her debut song “Tim McGraw” hit radio stations exactly eight years ago this month, by the way.)

Because these lies are not really flat-out, bold-faced untruths. They’re more in the lyrics-that-might-possibly-be-a-little-far-fetched vein.

Then again, who takes things this literally?

Swift’s “Love Story” from 2008 was about a Romeo and Juliet kind of love. But that doesn’t necessarily mean her fans were all waiting for marriage proposals after they heard it.

This list also calls Swift out for the lie that the quirky girls can’t be friends with the popular girls, which is the subplot in 2009’s “You Belong With Me.”

And for the physical impossibility of seeing sparks fly when your boyfriend smiles.

And for the unlikelihood of actually knowing someone was trouble right when they walked in.

And same with the improbability of any correlation between your ex-boyfriend’s whereabouts and the weather conditions Swift describes in “Forever and Always.” (“It rains when you’re here, and it rains when you’re gone.”)

My very favorite lie on this list, though, is No. 9. “Your college library won’t be like the one in ’Story of Us.’

There is a total of 13 lies on the list. Did you ever fall for any of them?