Carrie Underwood: The Good Girl’s Bad Girl

This is about as tough as Carrie Underwood gets — playing a very bad girl in the new video for her duet with Miranda Lambert, “Somethin’ Bad.”

We all know that Underwood is a good girl. I mean, she and her husband Mike Fisher just got back from a week-long mission trip to Haiti.

And yet, when it comes to getting into bad-girl character for a music video, Underwood can absolutely own it.

For starters, she knows how to dress the part. In this brand new video, Underwood is in dirty white jeans and an arm bracelet in her mug shot, a biker-leather look for her motorcycle ride down to New Orleans, a catsuit for the jewelry heist, a classic white blazer for the getaway helicopter ride, and a shimmery silvery floor-length dress with a thigh-high slit is her go-to gown for a game of poker with the guys. (She is a master of the sexy distraction.)

But even beyond that, Underwood is just really convincing as this bank-teller-turned-robber who gets into a life of crime with a girl (Miranda Lambert) she just met.

I think it’s because even though she is a real-life good girl, she has had a few years to hone her bad-girl skills. In her own “Before He Cheats,” she took revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend’s four-wheel drive. In her “Good Girl,” she warns other girls how to spot the bad guys. In “Last Name,” she plays the regrettable role of the girl who would have a one-night stand in Las Vegas. And in “Two Black Cadillacs,” Underwood takes the done-me-wrong song to extremes when she teams up with her husband’s mistress to put him in the deep ground.

And now that she’s teamed up with the girl who lights beds on fire, makes out with her fiance’s best man at her wedding and shows abusive men what little girls are made of, I think only good things will come of that.