Sunny Sweeney’s 13 Titles Say It All

I have not heard Sunny Sweeney’s new album Provoked yet. And I don’t need to. I already love it, and I will give you 13 reasons why.

The titles of Sweeney’s songs tell me nearly everything I need to know. There are no clichés. No songs named after Friday or Saturday night. No tracks about what she’s drinking. And as far as I can tell, nothing that leans too heavily on her Texas roots.┬áJust one solid country song title after another.

Here is the track listing:

1. “You Don’t Know Your Husband”: These five little words say so much. Like she’s going to tell some girl that she hasn’t been paying enough attention to her man, and now look what she’s done. There will never be enough cheatin’ songs told from this perspective.

2. “Bad Girl Phase”: Sweeney co-wrote this one with Brandy Clark. So, case closed. It’s one of my future favorites.

3. “Second Guessing”: This song could have a few different meanings, but knowing that Natalie Hemby — a frequent Miranda Lambert collaborator — – helped write it tells me that they’d all be good.

4. “Carolina on the Line”: Is it about a girl named Carolina calling someone on the phone? Is the state of South Carolina undecided about something? All that matters here is that it comes from Sweeney and the Warren Barely Famous Brothers.

5. “Find Me”: Unless this is a children’s song, it’s probably not about a game of hide-and-seek. So maybe it will be about where you’ll find her. Kind of like Tim McGraw’s old song, “Everywhere.”

6. “Can’t Let Go”: This is one of only two tracks Sweeney didn’t write on this album. It comes from the pen of Americana singer/songwriter Randy Weeks. Lucinda Williams recorded it for her 1998 album, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Not that Sweeney needs it, but that boosts the cool factor up a few notches.

7. “Front Row Seats”: To what? Something good or something bad? I can’t wait to hear this one from my own front row seat.

8. “My Bed”: No one knows what goes on in other peoples’ beds. But this one will likely shine a light on something intimate. Sweeney teamed up with two-thirds of the Pistol AnniesAngaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe — to write this one.

9. “Uninvited”: Ditto No. 3

10. “Sunday Dress”: Think about all the reasons you’d be dressed in your Sunday best. A wedding, a funeral or just a random Sunday morning church service where Gods only knows what will happen. All good places to start a song.

11. “Used Cars”: Ditto No. 3.

12. “Backhanded Compliment”: Ditto No. 3.

13. “Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass”: The only question here is, who’s on the list of people who won’t have to kiss her ass?

Provoked is set for an Aug. 5 release.