Busted: Rascal Flatts Confess Teenage Crimes

Two truths and a lie. It’s my very favorite game. I play it every day. And I invented it.

OK, that last one is my lie. But I honestly do love this game, and after finding out that Rascal Flatts played it with People Country, I love it even more.

These were the band’s initial statements, and you are supposed to guess which one is the lie. That is pretty hard because they all seem kind of unlikely.

1. Joe Don Rooney has a super-sleuth mom. This is one of the truths because Rooney was busted for smoking by his mom when he was only 16.

“I got busted smoking, and I didn’t even have a cigarette in my hand, nor was I smoking a cigarette at the time. My mom and I were sitting on the front porch having a conversation. She said, ’You been smoking, haven’t you?’ I was 16. I said, ’No!’ She goes, ’You have nicotine fingers!’ I look down and there’s this little orange line between my middle finger and my index finger. I was like, ’You busted me, mom! I’m sorry,'” Rooney recalled.

2. Gary LeVox once stole a truck. Also true, even if it wasn’t in a grand theft auto kind of way.

“I stole my dad’s truck and I couldn’t get it in gear, so it was stuck at the end of the road. I couldn’t even bring it back because I couldn’t figure out how to get it in reverse. I was 14 or 15. My brother had called my dad and told him what I had done. As I’m walking back to the house, he’s pulling in and it wasn’t good,” he said. (Makes you wonder if LeVox did anything to his brother in retaliation.)

3. Jay DeMarcus was asked to leave his dentist’s office for unruly behavior. This, of course, is the lie. Because it sounds like DeMarcus hardly even needs a dentist anyway.

“I’ve never in my life had a cavity. Not one!”