Did Shania Twain Kill Mark McGrath?

Let me get this straight. Mark McGrath, lead vocalist of the ’90s rock band Sugar Ray , once did a duet with Shania Twain. And now he’s saying that country music is where pop stars go to die.

So you might reason, then, that McGrath is dead. Or that his career is dead. But he keeps popping up in all kinds of unlikely places. In addition to his music, McGrath has played host to all kinds of TV shows and even taken some gigs as a contestant on the reality show circuit (The Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Wife Swap, where he and rapper Coolio swapped wives for a week).

Whatever he’s promoting now, though, meant calling into WWYZ-FM, a country radio station in Hartford, Conn., and explaining his own personal point of view on what happens when pop stars head to Nashville to get their slice of the country music pie — like he did for three minutes with Twain in 2004.

“It seems that’s where all pop stars go to die out there, man. You never know. That might be my only foray into country,” he said of his “Party for Two” duet with Twain.

In the video, he plays the lone invitee to Twain’s party — the same role Billy Currington plays in the straight-up country version.

“You’re talking about a beach boy from Newport Beach,” said McGrath, who grew up in California. “So I think that they would see that the fraud was in if I went to Nashville.”

However, McGrath acknowledges country music’s current popularity.

“Country isn’t like country anymore,” he said. “Look at Taylor Swift, Dierks Bentley, all these guys. People still have this idea they’ve got hay in their mouth, and they’re down at a country hayride,” McGrath added. “It’s a big business. It’s Faith Hill. It’s Tim McGraw, baby. It’s America.”