Keith Urban’s “Baby Girl”

He Dedicates Songs to Wife Nicole Kidman During Concert in Australia

Without a doubt, Keith Urban seems destined to be surrounded by beautiful women.

With those two absolutely gorgeous daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret filling his world with such immense joy and love, it’s hard to know which one he’s referring to when he adoringly tosses out the phrase “baby girl” in his distinctive accent.

From what I can tell, it’s a nickname he most often reserves for his absolutely gorgeous wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

I’ve long heard him refer to his Oscar-winning spouse by this moniker in press and interviews. A few days ago — on their eighth anniversary and during his sold-out show in Melbourne, Australia — he tossed it out there again with passionate abandon in front of thousands of screaming fans.

According to The Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne, Urban took the stage at the Rod Laver Arena and began telling the crowd the story of the song “Once in a Lifetime” from his Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing album. He said he actually wrote the song in 2006 a day after talking with Kidman about their impending wedding day.

“Nic was getting very nervous about marrying me,” he admitted. “She was saying things like, ’It’s a long shot,’ (but) I knew she loved me and was just nervous. I did everything I could to remind her that I was going to be her man forever.”

And to drive that point home, he immediately broke into a heartfelt performance of the song.

Can you even deal with this level of romance? Be still, my heart.

And here’s where “baby girl” comes into play. Urban went on to sing his hit “Making Memories of Us” and confessed that he and Kidman, like a lot of other folks, had that song at their wedding, too.

Most people aren’t lucky enough to have him sing it at their wedding, but Urban quipped that he sang it on his own big day because he was “too cheap to get anybody else.”

Then he dedicated the song to his beloved, gushing, “Eight years, baby girl. This song is for you. I love you so much.”

No doubt his “baby girl,” his beloved wife, was glowing as she looked on from a VIP box.

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