Carrie Underwood Calls “Bromance” Between Her Husband and Blake Shelton

While Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood have been busy feeling good that somethin’ bad was ’bout to happen, their husbands have been collaborating on something of their own — a new friendship.

Underwood explained how the guys’ friendship — you might even consider it a bit of a bromance — came to be during a recent interview with Access Hollywood.

“During the ACMs, we actually hung out quite a bit because we were there for a few days, and our husbands got to talk,” Underwood said of the time they spent together in Las Vegas in April. “I think there’s a bit of a bromance going on. (Blake’s) got a lot of bromances going on. I won’t talk to Mike about it. I don’t want to make him jealous!”

Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, doesn’t have much to do with the music business since he’s a professional hockey player. But every couple needs couples friends, and I could see the four of them getting along so well.

“It’s nice to have people that … understand your life. I have so many friends that have really nothing to do with the music business, it’s nice to be able to hang out with some people that get it all,” she said of the bond.

Maybe Shelton and Lambert could come to a few Nashville Predators games when the season starts. Or maybe Fisher and Underwood could spend some time fishing and/or tubing on Shelton’s boat on Lake Texoma. If you have any other double-date night ideas, please share them with us.

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