Little Big Town on Perms and Minivan Love

Jimi Westbrook had a perm when he was 10 years old. Let’s let that sink in a little bit. Just picture the Little Big Town singer and musician without the sexy, closely cropped style he wears now and, instead, with tight, spirally curls all over his little boy head.

That was revelation No. 1 when the band joined Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on the Today show on Tuesday (July 1) to chat and perform their summer to-do list song, “Day Drinking.”

Revelation No. 2 was that when Westbrook and the band’s Karen Fairchild first started dating, it was way before the band’s swanky tour buses came along. So when Kotb asked if it was like “get a bus” back then, they admitted their love actually started in a minivan.

“That’s real love when you fall in love in a minivan,” Kimberly Schlapman remarked.

Westbrook and Fairchild have been married for eight years.

Westbrook did get serious for a couple of minutes, though, when he talked about why the friendship between the four singers works so well even after 15 years together.

“We’re friends first,” he said. “And we take care of each other. You gotta take care of each other, especially when you live in such close quarters as we do on the bus, and just be respectful of each other and talk and communicate.”

The band and their families share two buses these days while they are out on the road this summer playing fairs, festivals and doing a little day drinking.

“This could be your theme song,” Westbrook told Kotb and Gifford, who often drink wine on their fourth-hour segment of the Today show.

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