Blake Shelton Never Won the Turtle Race

You might think that things have always come easily to Blake Shelton. But when he was a little boy, one thing eluded him every Independence Day. The coveted turtle-race trophy.

“When I was a kid, it was the turtle races, every year on the Fourth of July at Wintersmith Park in Ada, Oklahoma,” he says in a sneak peek of a JCPenney-sponsored PSA that will be shown before his concerts start every night on his Ten Times Crazier tour. “I never won, though.”

As sad as that trip down turtle-racetrack lane is, Shelton has had some really special celebrations as a grownup. And his favorite memory was from just a year ago.

“Probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done to celebrate the Fourth of July was last year. My wife and I got a couple of lawn chairs, and went in sat in the creek in Oklahoma on our land, with the dogs, and didn’t do much but just sit around in the hot sun and swim,” he said.

If you are planning on seeing Shelton on tour this summer, know that you’ll get to see more of this interview and learn more about how he’s trying to invent new ways to say thanks to the troops. “I’m blown away by their spirit and their determination and their loyalty to their country,” he says.

But also know this: He might never end the show.

Because of Shelton’s shortened tour season, he threatens that he’s going to take a year’s worth of tour fun and put it into about 20 or 25 shows. “It’s like a dam’s gonna break when I get out there,” he said, “and it might be hard to drag me off the stage each night.”

We should be so lucky.

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