Justin Moore Boosting Poyen’s Population to 295

Justin Moore’s childhood hometown of Poyen, Arkansas, has a population of 290, according to People magazine . But that’s about to skyrocket now that Moore has decided to move back there with his wife, two daughters and a baby on the way.

And here’s why:

“People think I am nuts,” Moore said. “But I want my girls to run through the cow pasture to my mom and dad’s house. I want them to go to school where I went to school. It’s important to me to see them growing up and having a normal childhood.”

Moore also told People that because he has cut down on touring, he will be home more than 200 days this year.

“My 4-year-old just started playing softball. I will be taking her to dance class. These are the things that are tops on my priority list,” he said of his busy older daughter Ella. But it won’t be long before Kennedy, 2, and the new baby fill the rest of Moore’s schedule.

He originally moved to Nashville in 2002, like so many other country singers hell-bent on being the next big star. He signed his record deal in 2008 and had his breakout hit — “Small Town USA,” inspired by and shot in his hometown Arkansas — in 2009.

Moore has other things keeping him busy this summer, including celebrating his fifth No. 1 single, “Lettin’ the Night Roll.” He’ll also be promoting his collaboration with Vince Neil on a remake of Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home.”

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