Top Eight Moments From Florida Georgia Line’s Q&A

Garth Brooks. I mean, doesn’t that come as a surprise? When a fan asked Florida Georgia Line who they’d most like to collaborate with, they said Brooks. I guess that’s why these Twitter Q&A’s are so valuable. Fans ask great questions, and we all learn new things about the artists.

The band’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard took their fans’ and followers’ questions on Tuesday night (July 8) and even took the time to quote the question in their tweeted answers, so it wasn’t just a feed full of confusing replies like “Absolutely!” and “Why not?”

These were my very favorites from their #dirtqanda. Let us know which ones taught you the most about country’s hottest duo:

1. If you could feature anyone in the world alive, who would it be?

Garth Brooks. Period.

2. What gets y’all in the songwriting mood?

You never really know. There’s a song in every conversation.

3. Which female country artist do you want to collaborate with?

Miranda, Carrie, Taylor. Too many to choose just one!

4. Is there something y’all do before going onstage?

In with the good, out with the bad, say a prayer, get ready.

5. What’s your favorite song to perform?

“Round Here,” cause the crowd doesn’t sing it, they scream it. #fireballwhiskey.

6. Give us your favorite line from the song (“Dirt”).

You know you came from it, and someday you’ll return to it.

7. What does FGL do in their free time?

Work out, hang out, motocross, back-roading, work on our homes. Normal stuff.

8. If you could play in any country where would you choose?

Anywhere there is a stage and passionate country music fans.