Garth Brooks Will Make Good on Fan Promise

This is so Garth Brooks of Garth Brooks in making a promise to a random fan during a Q&A at a concert six months ago and making good on that promise.

I know Brooks has done this kind of thing before. He’s known in the industry as a stand-up guy and true to his word. And now it’s Andy Roberts’ turn to get that treatment from Brooks.

A little backstory:

When Roberts, 31, went to see Brooks in Las Vegas in January, Brooks offered the audience the chance to ask a few questions. When he called on Roberts, from Georgia, Roberts asked him where he was going to kick off his world tour. Brooks replied, “If it means that much to you, leave your phone number. You’ll be the first guy to know when I know.”

On Monday (July 14), that’s exactly what Brooks is going to do. He’ll call Roberts with details of his U.S. tour launch and let Roberts play publicist for a day. Roberts’ day job is running TurnKey Facility Maintenance , a full-service facility maintenance company his father started in 1988.

“On July 14, I’m going to call Andy. What Andy chooses to do with that information is up to him,” Brooks said at a press conference in Nashville on Thursday. “I’m just going to pick up the phone Monday and dial the number he gave me in Vegas. If he picks up the phone, we’ll talk. If he doesn’t, I’ll leave a message.”

Roberts told USA Today he’s a longtime fan of Brooks and has been listening to his music since he was in middle school. But the show in Vegas was the first time he’d seen him perform live.

Obviously, Roberts is going to be thrilled when he gets the exclusive news about the tour. Maybe he’ll get to see Brooks a second time. And a third. Or even a fourth. And maybe he won’t have to travel very far this time, assuming Brooks makes a stop in Atlanta.

But even before all that, Roberts has the unique pleasure of being among the first to know the news.