Carrie Underwood Harvests a Great July Day

This is why I need to move to Tennessee — to pick blackberries, jam to ’90s country, then make baked goods and drink wine. Oh, and do it all with Carrie Underwood.

It looks like Underwood had one of those perfect summer days, from start to finish, on Monday (July 7).

First, she went blackberry picking, in an adorable straw cowboy hat, plaid shirt and jeans. There are a handful of U-pick farms right around Nashville, from Antioch to Smyrna.

“Spent the afternoon picking blackberries with @IveyCake. Now we’re ready to bake,” Underwood tweeted with a photo of herself surrounded with bushes. Then she showed off a close-up shot of her packed basket, saying, “Here’s just a fraction of the takings!!!”

Later that day — maybe into the evening, too, because I spied a wine glass in one of her Instagram photos — she shared a gallery of her baked goods. There were a lattice-topped pie, a cobbler and little baby donuts.

“One main ingredient … 4 amazing dishes!!! Yummy wild blackberry picking with @iveycake,” she wrote.

Two days later, Underwood’s pal and blackberry partner Ivey Childers was having those little donuts with her coffee.

“Enjoying homemade blackberry donuts & coffee this morning. My new favorite treat,” Childers tweeted .

Childers told People magazine their jams for the day on the farm and in the kitchen consisted of mostly “Brad Paisley and ’80s and ’90s country.”