Brad Paisley on Why the Concert Pit Isn’t Baby-Friendly

Prepare yourself for a bit of a lesson in the science of concert audio. Brad Paisley just explained why the pit at his concerts is no place for a baby.

It’s all about decibels.

In a recent radio interview with KFRG in San Bernardino, California , Paisley was asked about the incident at his concert in nearby Chula Vista. (At his July 10 concert at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre, police officers asked Megan Christopherson to move away from the stage because she had an infant with her. )

Paisley said that while he doesn’t usually let his sons — Huck, 7, and Jasper, 5 — go to his shows that often, they were there that night.

“When my kids have been at concerts, they look like Princess Leia,” Paisley said, throwing a Star Wars reference into the conversation. “They have on these huge earphones, and they’re back at the soundboard. Even back there, it’s 100 decibels.”

He continued by saying that if you’re down in the pit, you would hear not only the basic audio but the sound from the subwoofers which carry the bass because they are right there under the stage.

“And this is how powerful those are,” he explained. “Those reach the lawn. And so you got a little baby who’s hearing (those) frequencies. I mean, come on. It’s awful.”

Paisley admitted he did not see any of the commotion happening that night in Chula Vista, but he does think Christopherson did the absolutely wrong thing.

“There is no way I’d take a baby into the pit at one of my concerts,” he said. “I just think that people are crazy. They do some crazy things. And they make some bad decisions. And that was in every way a bad decision. And I wish she would just learn from this, as opposed to pretending like being a victim. She’s probably picked the wrong fight.”