Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney Go Day Drinking at B-Dubs

Two country singers walk into a bar. Have you heard this one?

It’s no joke. Seriously.

Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney recently spent an afternoon at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Nashville, and Aldean has the photos to prove it.

Both Aldean and his girlfriend Brittany Kerr have Instagram photos from that day.

According to ABC News Radio , Aldean got a call from Chesney, so he invited him to join the couple at B-Dubs.

“He goes, ’Well, I’m at somewhere. We’ve been drinking margaritas all day,'” Aldean said. “I was like, ’Well, come over here and meet us. We just sat down. We’ll have a beer. Whatever.’ All I do know is, I think we ended up calling a car to take us home. Kenny, he’s a funny dude, man.”

There’s no word on what kind of wings they had, but the country singers did spend hours drinking beer, tequila and rum once Kenny showed up. And that was after Chesney had admitted to drinking margaritas. I could never hang like that.

“He’s a good guy to kind to have there to kinda talk to about stuff and bounce ideas off of … and been-there done-that kind of thing. And still, as long as he has been in the business, he still loves what he does,” Aldean said of Chesney.

And after their day of lowering their inhibitions, it sounds like Chesney may have admitted he’s ready to take a break from his break from the road.

“I know he’s taking some time off right now, and he’s, like, already over it,” Aldean said. “He’s ready to get on the road.”