Dan + Shay on Blake Shelton’s Bud-Light-Blue Bus

Dan + Shay may be country’s newest players, but they are living on a vintage bus. In fact, it is Blake Shelton’s old bus.

The country duo — Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney — just learned about their tour bus’ storied past when they kicked off their tour with Shelton.

I was catching up with Smyers and Mooney on that bright cobalt bus just before they took the stage for Shelton’s Wrigley Field show on Saturday (July 19).

And while they were talking about how great Shelton has been to them, they shared this story he’d just shared with them.

“Blake is super funny. He’s just an everyday guy, playing basketball all day and hanging out,” Smyers told me. “He actually came up on our bus a while ago, and he told us this funny story.”

“This bus is pretty old, if you can’t tell,” Smyers started. “And so when Blake came up here, he was like, ’Hey, man. I think this might be my old bus. I actually had it painted blue because they were asking me what color I wanted my bus, and I was holding a Bud Light can at the time, and I just told them to paint it this color.’

“And we held a beer up to it and matched it. It’s exactly that color. So Blake wasn’t lying.”

The whole Ten Times Crazier tour does seem insanely crazier for Smyers and Mooney because it has all happened so fast. Their debut single “19 You + Me” isn’t even a year old. And yet, there they were — getting ready to open for Shelton.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s a dream come true. I mean, we’re sitting outside of Wrigley Field,” Smyers said. “And I remember, back when I was working on music and trying to make it happen, I couldn’t pay a bouncer and a bartender to come to my shows.”