Are You Ready for Lohan Country?

There have been a few recent reports that Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali wants to be a country singer. And there have been reports that the little Lohan and her mother Dina have been spotted in Nashville trying to work their way into a record deal. Some even say she’s already signed a deal and an album is in the works.

But I have found no tangible data to support those claims.

I did, however, analyze the Twitter accounts of both Ali and Dina, and there are some subtle clues that maybe, just maybe, there’s some truth in the rumors.

Ali Lohan’s Twitter bio says this: “I sing and write … Model … I’m Grateful for everything in my Life, Love books blues and a banjo. Keep on smiling and loving : )”

The mere mention of banjo makes me think that if she did debut some kind of single, it might lean a little bluegrass. So there’s that.

Plus, she is following Faith Hill, Darius Rucker, Steve Martin and the Grand Ole Opry on Twitter. That must mean something, right?

Then when you take a look at Mama Lohan’s tweets, again, there isn’t much that screams, “I walked up and down Music Row trying to get my daughter a country record deal.”

But check out to this long list of people Dina Lohan follows on Twitter: the Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton. Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, LeAnn Rimes and Martina McBride.

So either Dina Lohan is one of country music’s biggest fans, or she’s using her super-savvy marketing skills to keep her eyes and ears on all things Nashville.