If Brad Paisley Were a Rising Star

Brad Paisley would have made it this far at least.

Now that Rising Star is moving into its sixth week semifinals — with the intense head-to-head contestant duels — the curious side of me wonders what it would be like if the show’s country expert had been a contestant.

So, I asked Paisley what his audition might’ve been like.

“I would want to do something that showcases guitar,” Paisley told me Wednesday (July 23). “So I would do something where I would insist that they let me play lead guitar and sing because, to me, you want to get every little bit of who you are out there right away. You don’t want to hold anything back. So I would pick something like Vince Gill’s ’I Still Believe in You’ where you could hit some high notes and play some guitar licks.”

I could see that. Paisley would own that 1992 ballad. The wall would go up, and it would go up quick. But how does Paisley think he’d do?

“It depends,” he admits. “It’d be nice to be able to say I’d do great — that I’d nail it. But I remember, early on, when my nerves would kick in at certain low notes. Your bottom three notes go away when you’re really nervous.”

Now, Paisley says, he would know how to pick the right song.

“I’d pick something easy to play, that I knew backwards and forwards. In the mentoring, I’ve told all these kids, ’Look, if you rarely think you can pull something off, don’t think you’re gonna do it Sunday. Don’t think that on Sunday, you’ll hit it,'” Paisley said of his advice to the Rising Star contestants.

We’ll see if the remaining contestants took Paisley’s advice when the next episode airs Sunday (July 27) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.