Brad Paisley Goes Rogue With Preview of New Album

Twitter Messages Include Emails With His Record Label

Is Brad Paisley keeping a secret in his trunk? Not anymore.

We’re talking a preview of his new album, Moonshine in the Trunk.

It all started Saturday evening (July 26) when Paisley tweeted, “I’m going rogue. The label doesn’t know I’m doing this. Seriously. But I made a Moonshine Preview teaser. Don’t tell.” He also provided a link to a video preview of the new album.

And it was chock full of little samplings of songs that we can only hope are the actual tracks from the upcoming album.

If you caught it, and checked it out for yourself, you heard lines like:

“And I love her so much it hurts”

“Steaming up my windows”


And then he tops it all off with the phrase, “Let’s do it again.”

But apparently Paisley’s label wasn’t as excited about his decision to share the information with his fans. It sounds like they were caught off guard! Hey, a lot of work goes into releasing and promoting an album. If anything, an artist’s label is just looking to time everything perfectly to make the most of the big moment.

But it seems Paisley just didn’t feel like waiting. So he forged ahead, despite gentle emails from the label explaining to him that because of some of the finer, more business-oriented details, the teaser might have to be pulled for the moment. How do I know this? Immediately after I saw it, the video did go private, and Paisley tweeted screenshots of those label emails, too. It was all in good humor with captions like “uh-oh” and “double uh-oh.”

Ultimately, Paisley offers something of an apology to the label executives, tweeting, “Sometimes I feel for those vicariously responsible for my actions.”

Was it a publicity stunt — and is it all over now? That’s hard to say after Ludacris, Paisley’s fellow Rising Star expert, joined in on the shenanigans Monday morning and shared the video through his Twitter account.

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