Miranda Lambert: The Tour Bus Tour

Climb aboard, country fans. Miranda Lambert is about to give you the grand tour of the tour bus she affectionately calls her “cottage on wheels.”

Judging by the video on the USA Today website , everything about the inside of the recently-renovated bus is so Lambert. It all looks like it’s right out of a really good Pinterest pin — only longer and narrower. And it’s just in time for its maiden voyage, taking Lambert across the country for her Platinum tour.

There is a pale pink retro refrigerator, hardwood floors, wall sconces, a built-in butter yellow tufted-back sofa and even a laundry chute. Lambert told USA Today the look is half shabby chic and half pretty girl. It’s all because she wanted to create a place that was calming since the off-the-bus environment is so fast-paced.

As for her beauty rest, Lambert says that she sleeps really well on the bus.

“There’s something about the hum of the engine (that) puts you to sleep really well,” Lambert admitted, comparing her bus bed to a cocoon. “And I usually have two or three dogs piled on me, too, so that helps.”

Lambert usually sleeps alone because she is rarely on the road with her husband Blake Shelton. And when they do sleep together, it’s on his bus. So naturally, she keeps a few of her things on Shelton’s home away from home.

“One time, he was like, ’Three of my drawers are your clothes. I love you, but this is my tour bus. Can I have a drawer back?'”

Lambert will be on tour through Oct. 18.