Brad Paisley Has Hundreds of Words for His Rising Star Co-Stars

When Brad Paisley and I caught up recently about all things Rising Star, I asked him to describe each of his co-stars in three words or less.

He couldn’t do it. In fact, he went way, way over the limit with each one.

For Ludacris, Paisley almost kept his adjectives to five. But then he kept going.

“Ludacris is confident, completely honest and totally brilliant,” Paisley said of his fellow expert on the reality show. “He knows exactly who he is. And he’s an amazing lyricist, businessman and a really good dude. He has become a good friend.”

Paisley told me that after the show, he often goes back to Ludacris’ house in Hollywood where they order lobster pizza. No wonder they’ve become friends.

As for Kesha, his praise was just as effusive.

“Kesha is absolutely, unapologetically who she is,” Paisley said, with those five concise words. But then, he added that she is “one of a kind” and “one of the nicest people” and her attitude is consistently “I’ll be me, and you be you.”

The host of the show, Josh Groban, was this close to being summed up with one word.

“Josh? He is adorkable,” Paisley said. “It’s like we’ve made him the odd man out — just for fun.”

I’m sure Ludacris, Kesha and Groban would have hundreds of words for Paisley as well. Even though they all come from different genres — and different worlds, really — their chemistry is pretty good on the brand new show. And Paisley admits the show is one where you have to start strong — or else.

“This is a first impression kind of show,” he explained. “It doesn’t make sense anymore to wait a day to pick out your favorite singer.”