21 Days to a Healthier Jo Dee Messina

Thursday (Aug. 7) is only day three of country singer Jo Dee Messina’s 21-day fitness challenge. But I can already see progress. Not in my own body — because I’m not quite as committed as Messina — but in the spirit of the people following Messina’s lead.

She rallied her troops via social media earlier this week, then on Tuesday, she wrote, “Alrighty fitness challenger. Here We go!!! day 1. Good Luck everybody. You can do this. We r in it together. 21 days. We will be done by the end of August. Stick to it!”

There have been some “Xoxo” messages and thoughts of positivity like, “We’re in this together and to stay strong.”

The Beachbody challenge isn’t just something Messina is going into half-heartedly. It’s something you commit to. Because once you sign up, there are different 30-minute workouts for each day and color-coordinated containers for food.

Messina has been good so far about sharing with her fans exactly what she’s got in those containers. Wednesday’s offering consisted of a quinoa stir fry, almonds, Greek yogurt, a turkey burger, avocado, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, salad, an apple and a banana.

Messina is currently on the road promoting her crowd-funded album, Me, released in the spring. She started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to make the album and quickly surpassed her $100,000 goal.

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