Jake Owen, Jimmy Kimmel Tackle Water Shortage

"The Drought Song" Probably Not the Best Solution in California

The drought in California is serious business, so Jake Owen and Jimmy Kimmel decided to address the issue in a most serious fashion this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ah, who am I kidding? It was anything but serious. I mean, this is Kimmel we’re talking about, so it was hilarious.

The talk show host brilliantly set up the bit with statistics about the current California climate situation before welcoming Owen onstage to use his celebrity voice to help spread the word about their solution to the water shortage.

Yes, Owen had a simple solution — drink your urine — and a song to go with it.

Before launching into “The Drought Song,” Owen quipped, “I feel like as a singer, you know, country music, writing songs … things like that … I have to do my part.”

And as Kimmel pointed out to him, “And as a water drinker, really, in general.”

Owen launched into the song, singing, “We can’t wait for Mother Nature to give us what we need. … It’s time for you and me, Jimmy, to go ahead and drink our pee.”

To further back up his argument, Owen noted to Kimmel, “If you know anything about human beings, 95 percent of our urine is pure H2O.”

As Kimmel responded, “Yeah, but the other five percent,” Owen interrupted and finished the sentence with “is absolutely delicious with a splash of cranberry and a lime!”

I hate to tell Kimmel, but Owen stole his comedic thunder during the bit that ran Tuesday night (Aug. 5). However, the show wasn’t all about urine jokes. Later that night, Owen shared a more serious musical moment by performing his brand new single, “What We Ain’t Got.”

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