The Four Secrets Jake Owen’s Been Keeping

Oh, the things you can learn about a guy if you stay up late. Especially when that guy is sitting across from Chelsea Handler, who asks all the right questions.

Jake Owen was on Handler’s show Chelsea Lately on Tuesday (Aug. 5) night, and she brought out all kinds of secrets Owen has been keeping to himself.

Such as:

1. His wife Lacey’s perfect red lips are tattooed on the inside of his right bicep. I thought I’d seen all of Owen’s ink, but that one was news to me.

2. That his proposal to his wife would’ve happened sooner or later. “I was planning on proposing because I got her pregnant,” Owen revealed. “But the only reason I got her pregnant is ’cause I was planning on proposing.” That’s not romantic in the super traditional sense, but I do love his honesty.

3. Owen’s 2008 song “Don’t Think I Can’t Love You” was inspired by an important lesson his father taught him. “He always said you should be all about love and not monetary things in life. So I wrote this song,” Owen explained to Handler about the song that ultimately inspired his marriage proposal to his wife during one of his concerts.

4. During a recent river hang, Owen came to the rescue of some strangers in need. “It was pretty cool, actually,” he said when Handler asked him to give her the details of the rescue. “I’m a nice guy. And I’m a boater, and boaters help boaters. And somebody was waving me down as I was going down the river, and I was like, ’You can’t not help someone like that. So I pulled over there and threw them a rope.”