Lee Brice Talks First Love

I think we all know how romantic Lee Brice is. I mean, “I Don’t Dance,” “Love Like Crazy” and “Happy Endings” pretty much tell the love story of his life.

But before he kicked off his singer-songwriter career in Nashville around 2007, he had a first love about six hours away in South Carolina.

“Being from South Carolina, you’re either a Gamecock or a Clemson fan,” Brice said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “So I was a Tiger.”

Brice was a lineman for the Clemson University football team.

“The first game I had ever been to — a college big game — was one I actually got to run down the hill at,” he said of the traditional run down the hill on the inside of Clemson University’s Death Valley football stadium. “It’s just what I love. But it was a job, man. High school football is one thing, but when you go to college, it turns into a different story.”

It sounds like sports are still a big part of Brice’s life. He talked about knowing some “secrets” about this year’s Clemson team. And how he recently had the chance to play golf at Augusta National Golf Club. And how he doesn’t think there will ever be another Tiger Woods.

“When he came into the game, he just raised the bar so high,” Brice said. “How does that bar get raised that high again?”

Ultimately, the conversation turns back to the music Brice is making now. Like his current hit “I Don’t Dance.”

“It was kind of my gift. I wanted to surprise my wife,” he said about the ballad he wrote for their first dance. “It just happened to come out magic, and I had to share it with the world. I wrote her a song for a wedding gift. She got me an old Gibson (guitar). So I think I got the better end of the deal.”

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