Is Taylor Swift Picturing a New Album?

A Week of Clues Has Led to a Mysterious Announcement

Taylor Swift has revealed plans for a live streaming event that will take place Aug. 18, but fans are still in the dark about exactly what she’s planning.

Last week Swift started teasing followers of her social media accounts, leaving clues like an Instagram video of her in an elevator repeatedly pressing the button for the 18th floor. After that she posted a screen grab of her phone taken at exactly 5 p.m. And finally on Thursday (Aug. 7) she tweeted out a shot of the Yahoo! website that said simply “this is clue #3.”

Then photos of Swift and some music industry colleagues started appearing, using a grainy filter and the hashtag #polaroid . A Polaroid camera is clearly visible in her second clue to fans.

All of this teasing has culminated in Monday’s (Aug. 11) official confirmation of Swift’s upcoming live stream event on Yahoo! beginning at 5 p.m. ET on Aug. 18.

Speculation now has it that the superstar singer-songwriter will reveal plans for her upcoming fifth studio album, and it could be called Polaroid.

In the past, Swift has used similar events to share details about an upcoming album — like she did in 2010 to announce the release of Speak Now , her third album.

For Red, which came out in 2012, Swift set up a live stream of her album release party. In addition, she took questions from fans and performed a short concert.

Plus, her albums have all been released two years apart during the fall season, so the timing seems right for new music.

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