Florida Georgia Line Put Roots in “Dirt”

New Single Is Nostalgic Ballad

It’s been two years since the world first heard “Cruise.” Florida Georgia Line’s debut single was an overnight sensation, and it’s probably safe to say it was the very best way for a new country band to introduce itself to the world.

But what if their current song, the good ol’ days ballad “Dirt,” had been the one the duo had started with?

I asked Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard that when we caught up on their tour bus before their Chicago show on Saturday (Aug. 9).

“I think ’Dirt’ is definitely more powerful,” Kelley explained, “but that’s because ’Cruise’ set the tone for what FGL is. I think it will continue to tell that story and let people in on who we really are.”

And who they really are, I think, is a band with more of a range than you might have thought.

“’Dirt’ actually speaks to the same people as ’Cruise.’ I think it would’ve been pretty cool to start with either one. ’Dirt’ is more of a ballad and a nostalgic kind of song, and ’Cruise’ is just pretty much a party song. An upbeat, fun song,” Hubbard added.

But timing is everything, the band knows.

“I think ’Cruise’ kind of represented who we are and where we were at that moment of our lives. And ’Dirt’ represents where we are now. And it’s a song that hit close to home. Since ’Cruise,’ we’ve become homeowners and just invested a lot in our property. There is a time and place for everything,” Hubbard said, “and right now’s the time for ’Dirt.'”

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