Tim McGraw’s Youngest Daughter Sings, Too

Remember on Thursday (Aug. 7) when Tim McGraw posted a picture of his lunch date? It was his youngest daughter Audrey. “lunch with my daughter ……perfect!,” he wrote.

And now, I think I know what they were talking about: her performances on the last couple of nights of his tour.

The youngest of McGraw’s three girls took the stage at his pre-show VIP party that day to sing a little Dixie Chicks. That was at the Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion and she sang in the Heaven Town Lounge before McGraw’s main stage show. McGraw even gave her a kiss on her forehead before she sang and proudly told the crowd it was her first performance.

You can see from a fan’s Instagram video , she’s being backed by two guitar players and is singing “Travelin’ Soldier.” Audrey was only a year old when that song was released, but she seems to have had a lot of practice getting it just right. (If you look closely, you can even see her dad watching her from the side of the tiny stage.)

Then on Friday at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Audrey took the pre-show stage again, according to Oklahoma’s country station KLAW . And she performed the Dixie Chicks song again. There’s no word yet on any other songs she performed or whether or not McGraw joined her for any duets.

Audrey is only 12, but then again, she’s the daughter of McGraw and Faith Hill. So it’s only natural she’d have a voice that combines all the nuances of McGraw’s and Hill’s vocals. Even in a few seconds of an amateur video, you can hear that.

In other McGraw family-singers news, his duet with his cousin Catherine (Raney) Dunn on “Diamond Rings and Old Barstools” — off his upcoming Sundown Heaven Town album — will be available for download on Tuesday (Aug. 12).

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