Luke Bryan Gets Ready for Kindergarten

His Oldest Son, Bo, Starts School

It’s hard getting ready for kindergarten. There might be a few tears, a little bit of anxiety and some attempts to get out of going. It’s hard for the kids, too.

And yet, Luke Bryan had no choice but to get ready for this — the inevitable day when his oldest son, Bo, headed off to kindergarten.

On the same Friday that Bryan was performing on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series (Aug. 8), his son Bo was back home heading out the door to his first day of school. Bryan told ABC News Radio that Bo was much more prepared than he was at that age.

“He’s gone to pre-K … to kinda get going. I mean, my mother woke me up one day and says, ’Alright, you’re going to school today.’ That didn’t go well with me,” he recalled.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that the little Bryan will be an expert when it comes to the arts and crafts part of his kindergarten day. Remember in April when he “decorated” the keys of Bryan’s piano at home with a couple of markers?

Bryan also told ABC News Radio that as he was getting ready for the GMA concert, he was watching the fans line up to come into Central Park for the show.

“You never get tired of it. It always kind of puts a little warmth in your heart,” Bryan said, “and you just feel good when you know you’ve got a lot of fans that love you.”

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