Dan + Shay Show Off XIX Tattoos

When I hear that line about the tattoo in Dan + Shay’s new song “Show You Off,” I always wonder if they’d really go through with it. Would they really “tattoo your name on my arm” because “baby, I just want to show you off”?

Because tattooing someone’s name on your body is supposedly the kiss of death, right? Just ask Angelina Jolie about her Billy Bob Thornton tattoo.

So, the last time Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney were in in my neck of the woods playing a show with Blake Shelton, I asked. I saw it as my opportunity to find out just how inked up they were.

As it turns out, not very.

Neither Smyers nor Mooney have any girlfriends’ names tattooed on their arms. But what both of them do have is a classy tattoo of the Roman number 19: XIX.

It’s a permanent tribute to their very first big country radio single “19 You + Me.” They got their ink in Salt Lake City right around the time that song was starting to pop up on radio stations across the country.

“We got this Roman numeral 19 because it was a special one for us,” Smyers told me. “Because that was our first single, and whether or not it did anything for us at the time, it was like, ’This is a memory we want to have.'”

“And we were just hoping it didn’t tank,” Mooney added.

It didn’t tank. At all. The summer-love ballad made it into the Top 10 on the Billboard country charts, which is not bad for a new band’s debut single. Smyers and Mooney co-wrote both of their first two singles with Danny Orton.

“Thanks to our fans, we’re super blessed. That’s why you see us taking so many pictures of them at these shows,” Smyers said before the duo took the Wrigley Field stage. “Because we’re trying to take it all in. We’re like little kids right now.”

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