Lee Brice: “I’m Dancing Now”

As much as I’ve always loved Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party” and, frankly, his ability to go seamlessly from that song into “I Don’t Dance,” party anthems are not the songs that come naturally to him.

In a new story in Redbook magazine , Brice admits that those lighthearted tunes don’t come quite as easily as the big ol’ ballads.

“Look, I’m a party animal. I love to rock out onstage. But love songs are what come naturally to me. I have to work a lot harder at writing big-tempo, rocking songs,” Brice admitted when he spent the day at the magazine’s offices.

You’d think partying would be job No. 1 for Brice since he’s spending his summer touring with Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley. But it sounds like the ideal party for Brice now is just hanging out at home with his wife and their two sons.

“Our date is just being at home,” he said. “I’m on the road a lot, and it makes us appreciate our time together. I think a lot of people lose that in everyday life — when you come home from work every day, maybe you take for granted the time you have with your family. We don’t.”

And even though Brice was with his wife for 13 years before they wed, he says that he should’ve married her when he was 18.

“I was ready to marry her for a while,” he said. “Looking back, I beat around the bush. I’ve never in my life come close to the joy that I have now — being married and having our two boys. I wish I had gotten married when I was 18.”

“A lot of guys are — and, truthfully, I was — afraid that marriage will take away their freedom. But life is about sharing it. When I was younger, I dreamed about getting married. Then, after I got on the (music) scene and spent time on the road, I didn’t care about coming home. I didn’t picture myself rolling around with my little boys. I wasn’t ready.

“But then Takoda came along, and Sara and I worked things back out. I didn’t dance before, but I’m telling you, I’m dancing now.”