Taylor Swift Confirms New Pop Album

Album Will Be Released Oct. 27

Taylor Swift will release her first pop album titled 1989 on October 27. The first single is titled “Shake It Off.” She unveiled the dance-themed video during a live stream event from New York City on Monday afternoon (Aug. 18).

“For the record, this is my very first documented, official pop album,” she said in front of a live studio audience.

Swift stated that the album is stylistically cohesive — and that it’s her favorite album she’s made yet.

“I woke up every single day that I was recording this record not wanting — but needing — to make a new style of music than I had ever made before,” she said. “So, essentially, what ended up happening was, in my opinion, we made the most sonically cohesive album I’ve ever made. We made my favorite album that I’ve ever made.”

She also noted that the music is largely influenced by pop music of the late 1980s. In addition, the album title ties into Swift’s birthday, which is Dec. 13, 1989.