Three Secrets of Taylor Swift’s 1989

On Monday (Aug. 18) afternoon, Taylor Swift went live with some news. Big news. Not really country music news, but still big news.

She started on top of the Empire State Building. But then admitted it was scary, so off she went inside with her big news. “I have three big surprises for you today,” she told a room of fans. “I have a new song I’m gonna play you in like 30 seconds.”

The intimate crowd — that Swift explained was full of “some very dedicated, incredible people” that she had hand-picked to be there — gathered with Swift in a comfy living room kind of room and hung on her every word.

In a white cut-out crop top and matching full miniskirt, her hair in a sleek shoulder-length bob and her signature red lipstick, Swift told the crowd and viewers around the world that she would be sharing three big secrets.

No. 1: Swift’s first secret was her new single, “Shake It Off,” which she played and sang along to — and even danced along with the crowd. It’s a very infectious tune. Very poppy. And all about how she has learned a tough lesson in life. That people can say whatever they want about you at any time, and you cannot control that. You can only control how you react. (And hopefully, she said, that doesn’t mean descending into insanity.)

No. 2: Her new album is called 1989. And she said it is her first “official pop album.” She also described the album, which she’s been working on for two years, as the most sonically cohesive of her career. Her inspiration was a lot of late ’80s pop, because she loved how bold that music was. “I loved the chances they were taking,” Swift said. 1989 will be in stores on Oct. 27.

No. 3: Lastly, at the end of the live stream, Swift played the music video for “Shake It Off.” She described it like this: “A huge group of incredible professional dancers and they throw me into the middle of them.” She showed it to the crowd, and it truly does feature Swift dancing in the middle of scenes with ballet, break, modern, and ribbon dancers. Plus some cheerleaders and even a group of twerkers.

It may not be country, but seeing Swift dancing in Swan Lake will get me to watch it over and over again.