Brad Paisley’s Boys Inspire and Critique His Moonshine

Brad Paisley’s Moonshine in the Trunk comes out on Aug. 26. Some of the reviews are in, and it sounds like the ones from Paisley’s own little fan club at home matter the most.

Paisley said his sons Huck, 7, and Jasper, 5, have weighed in on the albums highlights and essential tracks.

“Huck and Jasper are great critics,” Paisley told Billboard . “They have a very good perspective, and they know what they like. They don’t like ballads, so this is the album for them because there’s only about three on here out of 13 songs. They love ’4WP.’ They love ’Crushin’ It.’ They love ’River Bank.’

“When I first made the loop for ’River Bank’ and cut a little vocal and listened to it in the kitchen as a demo, Huck came running in and went, ’What is that?’ I said, ’That’s something I’m working on.’ And he said, ’That doesn’t sound like you,’ and I said, ’Actually, I think it does sound like me.’ And he said, ’No, I mean that in a good way,'” Paisley recalled. “’Well thanks, Huck.’ I knew I was on to something at that point.”

Huck may just be angling to do some background vocals again, though. Remember in 2010 on Paisley’s “Anything Like Me,” Huck sang the final “me” when he was only 3?

And Jasper, Paisley says, inspired “American Flag on the Moon.”

“He looked up at the sky — after he heard about the moon landing — and squinted and said, ’I think I can see the flag.’ My wife thought that was the cutest thing ever,” Paisley said. “What a great thing for the kid to say! It stuck with me for a while, and I started thinking about watching the news and all the negatives. The naysayers saying, ’We’re going down the tubes,’ and all of that as a country and thought to myself, ’Why can’t we just be proud to be Americans?'”

Paisley hopes the song will get people to think that in spite of everything that’s wrong, let’s be proud of what’s right.

“Maybe that’s the trick to figuring out the future is looking back a little bit,” he said. “The phrase just caught my attention. After all, there’s an American flag on the moon. To me, that’s mindblowing to think about. … That thing is sitting up there 45 years.”