Taylor Swift and Polaroids: Instant Love

In a world of camera phones and Instagram, does anyone even print photos anymore? Yes. Taylor Swift does.

And not only does she print them, she’s giving them away.

In her upcoming 1989 album, due out Oct. 27, Swift will be giving away envelopes full of Polaroid photos to fans who buy the physical album. (I wonder what that will do to her digital sales. Who knows? Maybe it will make people want to buy both the physical album and the digital one.)

“I’ve been taking lots and lots of Polaroids,” Swift said during her live stream on Monday (Aug. 18) , “because I like the tangible quality of a photograph. And so since we did this album photo shoot on Polaroids and since I’ve been taking so many just in my life for the last couple of years, we’ve actually decided that this time around, we’re gonna include these photo packets — they’re prints — in the physical album.”

And here’s what will happen when you get the CD, according to Swift.

“So you open up and you’ll be like, ’Oh, CD. Oh, envelope of Polaroids. And there will be 13 in each pack, but they will be different packs. So you’ll get various different kinds of photos,” she explained to the intimate crowd inside the Empire State Building where she made her album announcements.

“You like?” Swift asked the fans. “Good.”

Calling this her “very first documented official pop album,” Swift said that the cover of the album is also a Polaroid photo.

“That photo that you’re seeing (on the cover) is actually a Polaroid that we took. We took the album photos on Polaroids,” she said of the album named after the year she was born.

And even though this album was inspired by late ’80s pop, when Polaroids weren’t really a thing anymore because everyone was going insane for disposable cameras back then, it somehow just all works.