Miranda Lambert’s Haircut Makes a Statement

I have so much to say about Miranda Lambert’s new haircut. Because Miranda Lambert’s new haircut has so much to say.

Here’s what happens when you are a country singer and you get a lob — a long bob, just kind of brushing the tops of your shoulders — like the one Lambert just revealed on Instagram .

It says, “I no longer need mermaid hair to be considered gorgeous.”

Think about it. Lambert has been around for 11 years, and for all of those years she has had long, beautiful blond hair. Sometimes straight, sometimes curly. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Center part, deep side part. She’s done it all. But it has always been very, very long.

Now, it’s perky, funky and, because she’s who she is, a little edgy.

That’s exactly the way it was when Faith Hill got a bob (2001), Carrie Underwood got a bob (2009), Jennifer Nettles got a bob (2010) and Taylor Swift got a bob (2014).

So when Lambert posted a picture on Monday (Aug. 18) saying, “Fresh cut! Fresh color! “Somethin’ bout PLATINUM! Thanks @amandacraig12! Love you,” I knew the whole world would love the new look. Because it’s still super sexy but a little more serious. Meaning, it’s seriously sexy.

The woman behind the cut is Amanda Craig, whose bio says that she is “just a hair and makeup artist on a mission. Wooohooo! Enjoy!”