Jake Owen Says “Patience Happened”

I’ve seen Jake Owen open concerts for just about everyone in country music. And now, as he explained on Larry King Now , Owen is the one whose name is on the ticket.

There may be some pressure once you get to that headliner status, but Owen doesn’t ever seem like he’s stressed out about it. Even when he was the opening act for Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban and more A-listers, he says it wasn’t that tough to be the one warming up the crowd.

“There’s really no pressure, at that point, I don’t think,” Owen said when he sat down with King at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles recently. “The other night, I played a festival, and I was headlining, and there were six or seven artists playing before me. And every one that played was so great, but I saw myself in every single one of them.”

Owen went on to talk about how he learned a lot from the artists he opened for and how he brought a lot of that with him on tour. That’s probably why he relates to his own opening acts so well.

“As an opening act, all you wanna do is absolutely crush every other person that you’re playing with,” he said. “And you wanna step on the headliner. If you’re an opening act, all you wanna do go out there is completely try and one-up the guy whose name’s on the ticket. As a headliner, I appreciate that. If they go out there give everything they have to try to one-up me, good for them. That’s how you get to this spot.”

When King asked how he was able to make the transition from opening act to headliner, Owen was pretty humble. Ultimately, he credited his team and their time together in the business.

“Ten years went by, and in between that time, I have a lot of great people I work with that have been with me since day one,” he said. “I put together song after song. And I think patience happened a little bit.”