Losers Inspired Chris Young’s Winner

There’s a little spot in Nashville called Losers Bar . It’s just a small, dive kind of a place, but country songwriters and artists seem to love it there. And now, Chris Young has a brand new single — “Lonely Eyes” — that came from Losers.

This week’s Billboard Country details how the love song came from such an unromantic place — a place where, like the song says, women walk in to “catcalls and dirty jokes.”

But once this woman in the song sits down next to the man in the song, he starts watching her watch her wine, her phone and, eventually, him. That scene could happen anywhere, but this one came from Losers.

Young said that when he first heard bits and pieces of the song, he was heading into a songwriting session with Johnny Bulford.

“I literally heard him singing the chorus melody and mumbling half of the lyrics from down the hallway,” Young said. “I came in and was like, ’What in the hell is that? Please tell me we’re writing it.’ And he’s like, ’No, I wrote this yesterday.'”

Bulford wrote the song with Jason Matthews and Laura Veltz, and Young knew he wanted to cut it.

“First of all, it’s a great melody,” Young said. “Second of all, I’m still such a huge lyric guy, and the way that song is written is really, really smart.”

Bulford’s favorite part of the song is its lack of closure. There’s no big happy ending where the strangers fall in love at Losers, get married, start a family and do the whole happily ever after thing. Then again, she doesn’t tell the man at the bar to get lost, either.

“One thing I love about this song is you never really find out what happens. It’s left kind of open,” he said. “This guy sees some potential in the situation and hopes for the best.”