The Band Perry: No Hurricanes, Butterflies or Rainbows

The Band Perry’s Kimberly Perry has a list — albeit a short one — of words she refuses to put in their songs.

Those words? Hurricane, butterflies and rainbows.

She didn’t say why, though, when the band sat down with Larry King on Larry King Now to talk about the way they’re approaching songwriting for their next album.

King essentially asked the siblings, “How do you write a song?”

Kimberly admitted it depends on the kind of album they’re working on.

“It’s very much an evolution for us,” she said. “Right now, Neil will bring in a musical idea. Maybe that’s on a mandolin, maybe that’s on an acoustic guitar, maybe that’s a drum beat and a synthesizer.”

“Usually (after) that initial musical idea, we’ll start kicking around some melodies. We always sort of sit in a writers’ circle,” she said, adding that for The Band Perry, “Music’s first, melody comes second, and lyrics come third for us.”

Ultimately, those three elements come together, and they seem to consistently come together in the form of a hit, whether it’s a ballad like their breakout hit “If I Die Young” or more heavy badass rocker like “Chainsaw,” their current single.

“We all just sort of just pile those on top of each other, and eventually a song is born,” Perry said.

But when they’re piling the lyrics on, she draws the line on those certain words because, well, she can.

“Sometimes I’ll play the lead-singer trump card. It’s like, ’I am not gonna sing certain words,” she said.

So The Band Perry may not ever sing about hurricanes, butterflies and rainbows. But they will dig you a grave, bury you in satin, saw down the tree where you fell in love, and their daddy’s gonna straighten you out like a piece of wire.

Plus, what really rhymes with butterflies, anyway?