Hayden Panettiere Lets Baby News Slip

Star of ABC's Nashville Is Having a Girl

Actress and mama-to-be Hayden Panettiere has kept a pretty low profile as she awaits the arrival of her first bundle of joy with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko, but the star’s private pregnancy just got a whole lot more public with one slip of the tongue during Sunday night’s (Aug. 24) Emmy Awards red carpet.

Panettiere, who plays Juliette Barnes on the ABC series Nashville, revealed she’s having a baby girl — and yeah, it appears that baby bombshell may have been an accidental drop.

While chatting on the red carpet about her pregnancy with E! host Guiliana Rancic, Panettiere gushed, “I can’t wait for her to come out,” according to People magazine.


Ever the seasoned professional, Rancic of course ran with the comment, exclaiming, “It’s a girl?!”

Realizing at this point the cat was out of the bag, the ever-gracious Panettiere confirmed, “Yes, it’s a little girl.” The actress confirmed to Rancic she had long planned to find out if they would be having a boy or a girl, adding, “I like to shop, girl! I want to go shopping for my girl.”

Of course she does and sooner than later! The star has a nursery to prepare, which she revealed she’s planning with the help of Nashville-based designer Ben Vandiver, but I don’t think we should expect anything too gender specific or cutesy in this casa.

Panettiere confessed her “amazing” go-to interior decorator is working on “something that she can grow up in and you don’t have to change everything.”

Smart and chic!

As for her pregnancy cravings? Panettiere says it’s a pretty normal one: chicken noodle soup. She admitted her pregnancy “probably just accentuated my craving for chicken noodle soup. I’ve always been a chicken noodle soup lover.”

And a glowing mama that gorgeous should get all the chicken noodle soup she wants.

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