Miranda Lambert Avoids One “Bad Habit”

She Tells Parade She Doesn't Read Her Reviews

Whoa! Just what is this “bad habit” you speak of avoiding, Miranda Lambert?

Is it late night snacking on an entire box of vanilla wafers? Biting your nails? Excessive shopping for lip gloss and boots?

But enough about my bad habits.

No, Lambert’s big no-no is far less shallow and superficial than inhaling a box of cookies in the middle of the night.

Her habit to avoid? Worrying about reviews.

So just how does she do that? The reigning CMA female vocalist of the year tells Parade magazine she tries not to read her own reviews.

“Sometimes my publicist or manager will send me some that are really good, but I feel like it can become a bad habit to take all that to heart,” she said.

It makes sense for her to want to keep a little distance between her heart and all the hype. She is the poster child for staying true to yourself and your artistry. Even when the feedback on her work is good, she knows buying into all the buzz is not necessarily a good idea.

And then there are the possible bad reviews. It’s hard to imagine Lambert could ever get one of those, but if she did, how could she not take that to heart and be personally affected? Especially an artist like Lambert, whose songs most often always stem from a personal place. For her, putting those gems out into the universe isn’t simply just putting a great tune out into the world. It’s putting a piece of herself out there, too, for all the critics to judge and review.

So I get it — her desire to not get caught up in all the feedback, positive or negative. As she so astutely observes, “The good is great, but then there can also be bad ones, and I think if you’re too hard on yourself about it, you’ll overthink everything.”

And country’s coolest and most confident gal certainly does not have time for that.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.