Eric Church’s Old Philanthropy Is New Again

Back in 2013, when Eric Church’s current album was called simply Chief, he threw that name onto a charitable fund he started with his wife Katherine.

They called it the Chief Cares Fund. And it’s in the news again, showing up on Church’s website, maybe to go a little more public with the Church’s causes and their generous hearts.

According to Church’s website , the donations that the CCF takes in allow it to help underprivileged families and children throughout Tennessee and North Carolina, where he grew up.

But even far, far away, the fund has been able to give aid to so many:

To an orphanage in Nepal for beds and clothing and then providing the orphans with an education.

To the people of Haiti, they are bringing aid and Bibles.

To the humane societies and their no-kill animal shelters, they’re offering operational funding and awareness.

And it sounds like these varied causes are just a few of the ways Church and his wife want to use their celebrity status for good. In fact, by donating to the Chief Cares Fund, you’ll actually be able to reap a little reward of your own. Fans who donate through Church’s site are guaranteed great seats at Church’s shows.

There was a song on that Chief album titled “Country Music Jesus.” It was never released as a single, but Church wrote it with Jeremy Spillman, and it’s one of the greatest songs he has ever recorded.

In it, Church sings about how he had a revelation, some “divine inspiration from the other side.” And how, in order to right all this wrong, we will need a country music Jesus to come and save us all. So if this charity ever needs a theme song, I propose that this one be the song.

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.